Agri-Tec Aßfalg turns into MARMIX

57 years of agricultural machines and pioneering work on feed mixers


Ernst Aßfalg establishes a agricultural machinery business and repair workshop. As one of the region´s first master mechanic of agricultural machinery he also starts selling milking machines, smaller agricultural implements, water distributing devices up to harvesters and tractors. One of his first values: Excellent service comes first.


His son Franz takes on the father´s business. Aßfalg junior also launches the distribution of feed mixers.


"Agri-Tec Aßfalg" is the new name of the family´s agricultural business.  


Franz Aßfalg designs and build the first self-propelled feed mixer called "Super Champ SL" 


The collaboration between JCB/Gruma and Agri-Tec Aßfalg - as to be the region´s new JCB service partner- starts. 


Franz´s sun Bastian - as master mechanic of agricultural machinery joins the parents´ business. 


"Agri-Tec Aßfalg" rebranded as "MARMIX GmbH & Co. KG". Father and son Aßfalg are full partners of the new company. The former feed mixers brand "MARMIX" is the new company´s name. 


Rapidly inclining orders make buildings extensions necessary. Step by step a new office building and two factory hall´s extensions are implemented

MARMIX pushes the designing and manufacturing of shredders and mixers for industrial purposes. These stationary and mobile devices are mainly used in the field of waste management, recyling and wastewood/biomass treatment.   

The company´s founder Ernst Aßfalg at work
Soon to be MARMIX CEO - Bastian Aßfalg