MARMIX Futtermischen Kompakt TMR Rührflügel
Compact TMR´s phase 1: soaking
MARMIX Futtermischen Kompakt TMR Rührflügel
Compact TMR´s phase 2 - structuring
Mixing soaked feed with silage and structurized feed

MARMIX - perfectly mixed Compact TMR

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What is Compact TMR? 

Compact TMR essentially is a kind of "bovine muesli".  Pellets, dried and concentrated feed are soaked in an equivalent amount of water during the night. Next day that melange is blended with structurized feed, grass and corn silage. The aim is to cut - or let´s say "destroy" the different components´ basic structure. Concentrated feed, mineral feed and silage components should establish a "smeary" liaison.

Why Compact TMR?

Cows are clever and selective. Like us humans, they cherry-pick, while leaving the feed´s disliked components over. Compact TMR counteracts this behaviour, its homogenous structure makes it impossible to select. The result: Cows get calmer in the stable while eating, the actual cows´consumption time shortens drasticly. At the same time, the milk yield per cow increases up to 5 percent - at identical concentrated feed portion. Compact TMR as well leads to a significant health improvement of the herd and reduction of stress.

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MARMIX & Compact TMR

The crucial point of Compact TMR is homogeneous, non-caking mixing. Dr. Niels Bastian Kristensen, one of the leading Compact TMR experts of the Knowledge Centre for Agriculture, Aarhus, Denmark admits: "Three years of practice have shown, that horizontal feed mixers can produce a more solid TMR."

We at MARMIX believe in the concept of horizontal mixing, as we know well, that we can cope easily with the special tasks of Compact TMR. The geometry of our sophisticated agitator paddle shaft gently cuts and mixes all feed components. In combination with two upper augers unique counteractive rotational movements are created in the mixing container - top down and simultaneously from back to front.

Compact TMRs mixed by MARMIX are homogeneous, loose and don´t lump. We ensure a mixing accuracy of 98 percent and above at a constant mixing quality.

Kompakt TMR Horizontalmischwagen MARMIX Rührflügel
MARMIX´s sophisticated agitator paddle shaft - mixing accurancy of 98 percent and above
Kompakt TMR Horizontalmischwagen MARMIX Rührflügel
Discharge of a Compact TMR - loose and homogeneous feed consistence