Feed mixing wagon

We, the Marmix-Team, formerly company Agri-Tec Aßfalg, built since 1999 pulled and automotive feed mixing wagons in different versions, vertical mixer, double vertical mixer, horizontal mixer, stir wing mixer and two screw mixers.

Our feed mixing wagons are standardly equipped with a digital cradle. Therefore an exact feed combination of the different types is possible. Our feed mixing wagons are equipped with vertical screws or horizontal screws and has a useful capacity of 5 m ³ to 24 m ³.

Automotive feed mix wagons

Our automotive feed mix wagons are:

  • Super Champ SL

  • Super Champ FA

  • Power Champ L&XL

Our automotive feed mix wagons are already up to 16 years in the everyday long-term operation.

MARMIX feed mixing wagons with more than 30,000 operating hours - reliability in the feed mix.

With serial video supervision camera and speed-diminished driving impulse to 50 km/h. The optimal feed mixing wagon for feeding communities, large-scale companies and contractors. Or as a feed mixer for middle and bigger companies with three different feed-mixing systems. As a vertical feed mixing wagon, horizontally feed mixing wagon or as a stir-blade mixer.

The new under our automotives is our power Champ, this optimised feed mixing wagon has inherited all advantages of the Super Champ series. In addition a supervision terminal in the tiltable cabin for high comfort and ergonomics. The feed mixing wagon with stir wing mixing makes a optimal mixture for feeding or for the intensive use in biogas plants.

Pulled feed mixing wagons

Our pulled feed mixing wagons are

  • Mill-mix wagon series RS / D

  • Horizontally mixing wagons series RX

  • Vertically mixing wagons series VX

  • Twin Feeder

Our pulled feed mixing wagons achieve an incomparable mixing accuracy and the highest speed when mixing due to the horizontal mixing system with the unique mixing blade wave. The upper snails evenly distribute all feed components and accelerate the mixing process in the feed mixing wagon.

The mill mix wagons of the series RS are self-loader feed mixing wagons with silomill and lowerable feed mixing tub, these feed mixing wagons load fast and tidy short-fibrous or long-fibrous silage from driving silos.