Mill-Mix-Wagon RS/D

  • Open mixing wing wave
  • Guarantee for gentle and exact mixing portions
  • Very clear while ranking and reverse driving
  • Mixing container is filled to 100%
  • High-efficiency mill with torque gear
  • Translation torque gear 1:3,5
  • weighing equipment with additional chassis, weighing with lowered machine is possible
  • electro hydraulically shut-off clutch
  • high functionality for many application years
  • Cutter also is possible in connection with 2 screw mixers MARMIX TF


  • An integrated back driving camera
  • Electric-hydraulic remote control
  • Mixing container made from high-grade steel

MARMIX Added value

Here a few equipment signs of our new top products MARMIX Cutter-Mix-Wagon

Mixing wing diameter 800 and 900 mm, asymmetrical arrangement of the single wings

The machine works horizontally and vertically at the same time, that is:

  • Guarantee for the best and loose mixture
  • Very low mixing times
  • Very low power demand
  • effective useful capacity and very high mixing achievement
  • Mixing wing in the rear machine can be switched on with a push button

Cradle with cradle frame and lowerable axis

The machine can weigh in the lowered state by the separate cradle frame.

Effective useful capacity

Because of the inwards turning snails and the ingenious mixing system the whole volume of the machine can be used.

Track width and machine width

With a trace width of 2. 10 m. measured outside the wheels, the machine is very well applicable in all narrow stable feed tables without crossing the feed.

Planetary gear with an ideal translation 1:35

Very big translation with little power demand

Upper screws with integrated blades and inwards rotary

  • for long hay / straw absolutely necessary
  • no wrap danger

High-efficiency mill 1750 mm with gear translation 1:3,5 (Optional)

  • strong torque also in the low speed of the cutting
  • Drum built from one piece, therefore no imbalance problems
  • cutting gear can be observed from the outside, hence, very good service access

Electric-hydraulic remote control (Optional)

  • Very good functional ability by very low temperatures
  • Soft turning on of the cutter drum
  • Can be operated by a stick from the tractor seat, e. g. , when power breakdown

electrohydraulically shut-off clutch for mixing wing

  • While ranking the mixing work does not run along needlessly

Main run bearing in front

  • This bearing takes up the main forces of the mixing wing wave and discharged therefore the gear.

Very good overview to the back

by lowerable hub axis

The mixture feed structure is undamaged

Mixing tub is relatively long and very low, hence, the slightest pressure on the components to be mixed.

High-grade steel elements (Optional)

  • With the high-grade steel variation is the complete mixing tub up to the rear wall massively high-grade steel.
  • Ground tub up to the edge: 8 mm
  • Side walls on top: 6 mm

life period: double life span than normal steel ST 52. 3