Power Champ L & XL

The stir wing mixer with the best free view

MARMIX - professional solutions for the modern company. MARMIX presents the power Champ, the new series of automative mixing wagons. It is a high-efficient machine which is suitable for intensive stock farming as well as for biogas plant arrangements.

Power Champ which inherits the success of the famous series Super Champ is developed particularly for in-house uses. Thanks to the cooperation of some of the big European companies, like JCB and Bosch-Rexroth, shows to the power Champ the new standard in the area of the heavy duty machines.

The care of every detail and the high quality are always the characteristics of MARMIX and find in the Power Champ the highest representation. The high comfort and the ergonomics of power Champ put on the market a new standard.

Such achievements have been reached in the full environmental awareness. The self-driving Power Champ is best equipped.

Performance data:

  • mixing system with wing mixer Ø 900 m
  • JCB Engine 4Cyl. Turbo 120 kW
  • Servicing access of all sides
  • Cradle with separate chassis
  • Automotive power-save driving with EMR regulation, e. g. , 25 km/h with 1750 diesel engine revs
  • in the field of work with the cutting and mixing it is worked with a max. speed of 1800 revs
  • extensive comfort cabin JCB with supervision terminal
  • directed front axle with balanced pendulum
  • maximum angle of turn 40 ˚
  • mechanical mixing work
  • directly powered by the diesel engine
  • traction drive with two wheel-engines on lowerable rear axle with soft control von0 to 10 km/h (very important in the silo)
  • The total width of the machine is 2. 25m. L: 2,650 x 7,900 mm (H x L) XL: 2,750 x 8,300 mm (H x L)


  • Power Champ L stir wing mixer with 12 m ³ and
  • Power Champ L stir wing mixer with 15 m ³

If requested:

  • Air-conditioning
  • High-grade steel-mixing tub
  • A second runout trough on the right
  • Mega-mills