Super Champ FA

Super Champ FA
Super Champ FA
Feed floor withdrawal heights to 6. 50 m
Feed floor withdrawal heights to 6. 50 m
Feed floor withdrawal heights to 6. 50 m are possible
Feed floor withdrawal heights to 6. 50 m are possible with extendible mill arm.

Our Super Champ with three different mixing systems.
Optional as Vertical, Double-vertical, wing mixer or two screw mixer.

The solution for middle and bigger companies.

The Super Champ has a max. speed of 30 km/h and is used mainly as a farm machine. The devices of the Super Champ SL have also been taken over with this machine.

MARMIX - professional solutions for the modern company.



Mobil electronics in the agriculturing

The farmer steers the feeding wagon comfortably by joystick from the driving seat. From the color display is the process and work space controlled. Marmix puts in the Super Champ SL electronic components from the company Bosch Rexroth.

Drive in narrow stables

Performance data:

  • Automotive driving impulse
  • The chasses has a „construction machine character"
  • Deutz engine 140 kW / 188 Horsepower Turbo (TCD 2012) in the rear and rotatable for servicing access of all sides
  • Alternative the machine runs with biodiesel and rapeseed oil
  • automotive power-saving drive with EMR regulation, such as 25 km/h
  • with 1750 diesel engine revs
  • during cutting and mixing it works with a max. speed of 1800 revs
  • extensive JCB comfort cabin with Bodas supervision terminal of Bosch-Rexroth for all functions and production video supervision camera
  • hydro pneumatic spring-mounted front axle with balanced pendulum and level regulation
  • continuously adjustable gear mixer from 0 to 40 rotations
  • 3 mixing systems can be built up
    - vertical
    - double vertical
    - mixing system with wing mixer
  • The total width of the machine is from 2. 20 meters possible
  • The rubber move band is endless in the move canal
  • The driving impulse is hydrostatic on the continuous rear axle with soft control of 0 to 10 km/h (very important in the silo)


 Super Champ FA / V

  • Vertical mixing tub with 1 screw of 14 to 18
  • cbms with 2 screws of 15 to 24 cbms

 Super Champ FA / H

  • Horizontal mixing tub with mixing wing wave and 2 upper screws from 13 to 18 cbms

If requested:

  • All-wheel steering system and four-wheel drive
  • Distant servicing with Bodas service