Feed mixing wagon Super Champ SL

Solid high-end power pack

24/7, 365 days a year? This shouldn´t be a problem with a SuperChamp SL at your side. Thanks to its high-class components, its smart and sturdy design and its fabulous consumption and emission figures, the SuperChamp SL is the ideal high-performance partner for big stock farming business, agricultural contractors and machinery rings.

By the way: We built the first SuperChamp in 2001, here in Unterwachingen, Germany. After more than 33.000 operating hours, its stirring paddles are still mixing, mixing, mixing.


Thanks to a high-torque MTU (Mercedes) six-cylinder engine with 210 kW the Super Champ SL runs at maximum power, but at extremely low rotational speed. Every milling or mixing process requires only 1450 rpm, the same range of engine speed is sufficient for driving at a speed of 60 km/h. That means smooth running at highest possible power, if needed. Due to its Tier IV final technology, economy and ecology go hand in hand.

Thought-out technology - maintenance-friendly 

Super Champ SL´s engine is located in the rear and can be swung out by just few actions, which substantially eases routine maintenance. Its driver´s cabin is soundproof, which allows relaxed working even at full-capacity operations. The high-performance mill cutter for autonomous picking-up of feeding components works properly, extremely fast and at highest efficiency.  The machine has a twostep powershift transmission, which assures optimum distribution of power even with maximum loads. 

Focused on durability

All Super Champ´s main drive components  are "Made in Germany". Its mixing container and milling body are made out of solid stainless steel. MARMIX machines are famous for their unique longevity, this can only be achieved by uncompromising quality of components and manufacturing.  

It´s in the mix

Our sophisticated agitator paddle shaft guarantees a mixing accuracy of 98 percent and above. Due to its special horizontal design all feeding components are treated with care during the mixing process, pressing effects can be excluded. The mixing speed is continously variable from 0 up to 40 rpm and enables extremely fast mixing and discharge. The discharging devices are located behind the rear axle on both left and right side, so that even in narrow stables the feed couldn´t be unintentionally overrun. 

Performance data

  • Self-propelled mixing wagon
  • 7,7 l MTU (Mercedes) motor with Tier IV final technology, 210 kW at 1450 rpm
  • Automotive power-saving mode with EMR regulation at 50 km/h
  • Spacious comfort cabin with Bosch Bodas supervision terminal for all functions
  • Standard video surveillance system
  • hydropneumatic front axle suspension with pendulum equilisation and automatic levelling system
  • continuously adjustable mixing agitator from 0 to 40 rpm
  • Horizontal agitator shaft system with a capacity from 13 up to 20 m³
  • Total width of the machine: 2200 mm or above
  • Total height of the machine: 2700 mm or above
  • Feed channel with endless rubber belt 
  • Hydrostatic drive at the rigid rear axle with soft control from 0 to 10 km/h (very substancial in the silo)

On request:

  • Four-wheel drive with all-wheel deactivation
  • All-wheel steering system
  • NIR sensor technology
  • Remote "Bosch Bodas servicing"