Fastrac motorway conversion

We developed a sophisticated JCB Fastrac 4000 series upgrading, that enables you to drive european motorways. That special MARMIX modification fits for every Fastrac 4000 - whether new or already in use. Ask us for your personalized, skilled, straightforward and obviously TÜV-certified Fastrac conversion.

The sticker at the Fastrac´s back says it all: 70 km/h and the official TÜV´s motorway license - only available here at MARMIX.
Marmix JCB Fastrac motorway conversion
These two JCB Fastrac, a 4190 and a 4220 in the conversion process. In order to meet all the requirements, that are necessary for the German TÜV certification, extensive adjustments on undercarriage, brakes, engine and transmission are vital. In the focus of our motorway conversions: Absolute security and plenty of power.